SDMX Dashboard Generator (SDMX DG) Hands-on for Beginners webinar


SDMX Dashboard Generator (SDMX DG), co-winner of the SDMX Global Conference 2023 Hackathon, is a free to use open-source application that generates dynamic dashboards.

By attending this webinar you will learn about communicating statistics via dashboards leveraging SDMX capabilities and public data repositories using SDMX Dashboard Generator (SDMX DG).

The webinar is for statisticians, economists, data engineers, IT specialists and anyone involved in communicating about data or disseminating SDMX data. More on SDMX at .

SDMX DG Key features:

  • Most common visualization types such as key performance indicators (KPIs), lines, pie and bar charts
  • Dynamic integration of metadata available in multiple languages
  • Modularity and customizability of the dashboard layout and design set easily by the user via a specification file
  • Asynchronous retrieval of data and metadata from SDMX Rest API to ensure better performance
  • Running both on a local machine or on a server


  • What is SDMX DG
  • Setting up a local environment
  • How to run dashboards
  • Leveraging advanced features
  • Building a dashboard


When: April 29 10:00 CEST
Duration: 1h 00m


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