Version 11.16.0 (Released: 2024/04/17)


Using Docker Desktop

docker run --name fmr -p 8080:8080 sdmxio/fmr-mysql:11.16.0

MEDIT-691: Changed behaviour in DataReaderManager in Sdmx-core 1.0.57

MEDIT-644: Add support for multiple measures in SDMX V3 data readers/writers
MEDIT-527: Support for Metadataflows in SDMX 2.1
MEDIT-688: Update third-party dependencies and remove Joda-Time

Bug Fixes:
MEDIT-596: Correct Issue with Content Constraints and “Role” field
MEDIT-686: Prevent permanent ‘Locked’ files from persisting in the temporary directory
MEDIT-693: Obligation to provide Target value for Representation map
MEDIT-705: Contact being lost when editing an agency