Open source software for official statistics

Open source software founded on the principles of consensus, co-construction, collaboration and avoiding duplication of effort

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Integrated ecosystem for practical use cases

An ecosystem of open-source SDMX software tools and supporting resources for official statistics use cases including data domain modelling, data collection, statistics production and statistics dissemination


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Use cases


Data domain modelling

Model data domains using the SDMX information model


Data collection

Efficiently collect data from multiple providers


Statistics production

Repeatable and systematic metadata-driven statistics production


Statistics dissemination

Publishing statistics that are discoverable, understandable and consumable


SDMX Tools and implementations - Knowledge sharing workshop
June 12 - June 14, 2023
3rd IFC Workshop on Data Science in Central Banking
October 17 - October 19, 2023
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Fusion Metadata Registry

Fusion Metadata Registry (FMR) is an SDMX structural metadata registry that helps organisations externalise and take control of their statistical metadata with the benefits of maintainability, re-use, standardisation, harmonisation and improved metadata and data governance learn more …

About is a community of organisations and open source projects collaborating and coordinating activity to deliver an integrated ecosystem of software tools for official statistics use cases

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