Following several use cases being identified and experimented, as well as information exchanges in different fora, including the 9th SDMX Global Conference in Bahrain in November 2023, it was agreed to convene a 1st workshop to share current practices, projects, and knowledge in the area of natural language techniques applied to data accessibility – more specifically, in leveraging Generative AI to enhance access to official statistics disseminated via SDMX services. The primary use case of interest is that of data dissemination by an individual organisation – but the discussion could be extended to the larger context of accessing a number of SDMX sources through an AI-enabled “universal data concierge”.

The primary objective of this workshop is to assess the main use case(s) identified in the area of enhanced access to data, delve into emerging solutions, and identify priority areas for collaboration and co-investment, bringing together experts, practitioners, and stakeholders to foster a deeper understanding of the subject matter and explore potential avenues for working together.

This workshop, jointly organised by the OECD and BIS in the context of SIS-CC and SDMX.IO communities, will be conducted in a hybrid format, spanning two half days. It is scheduled to take place on 27th March 2024 from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM CET and on 28th March 2024 from 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM CET. For those attending in person, the venue is the OECD Boulogne Meeting Room BB10, located at 46 Quai Alphonse le Gallo, 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt.

Participation in this workshop is by invitation only with the following groups invited, SIS-CC and Community members, invited partners (such as Eurostat), SDMX sponsors (including ECB, IMF, World Bank, UNSD), and UNECE and selected organisations contributing to the HLG-MOS 2024 project Generative AI for Official Statistics . We aim to create a diverse and collaborative environment that encourages fruitful discussions and crosssectoral cooperation.

To enrich the discussions, four (4) technical providers have been invited, including EPAM, E-Zest, Sease, and HMS Analytical Software, who are actively experimenting in this area. These experts will join us on the Day 1 of the workshop, as well as the first part on Day 2, to share their insights, present their approaches, discuss possible collaborative approach to joint developments, and provide an early indication of possible resource implications. Their expertise and experiences will contribute significantly to shaping the discussions and outcomes of the workshop.

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