Fusion Metadata Registry update

  • April 13, 2023

Version 11.6.0 (Released: 2023/04/13)


Using Docker Desktop

docker run --name fmr -p 8080:8080 metadatatechnology/fmr-mysql:11.6.0

New Features:
FMR11-44 - Support for Data Registrations https://github.com/bis-med-it/fmr/issues/32
FMR11-258 - New Web Service to refresh caches

FMR11-267 - Web Service for Reference Metadata has changed https://fmrwiki.sdmxcloud.org/Reference_Metadata_API

FMR11-253 - Update Apache POI to version 5 https://github.com/bis-med-it/fmr/issues/360
FMR11-254 - Update Commons-file upload third-party dependency https://github.com/bis-med-it/fmr/issues/391
FMR11-255 - Update Jettison third-party dependency https://github.com/bis-med-it/fmr/issues/392
FMR11-256 - Update Spring dependencies https://github.com/bis-med-it/fmr/issues/393

Bug Fixes:
FMR11-259 - UI of Web Service Structure Query page does not implement “latest” correctly https://github.com/bis-med-it/fmr/issues/285
FMR11-260 - Item Validity not returning most recent entry prior to today’s date https://github.com/bis-med-it/fmr/issues/387
FMR11-261 - Subscript out of range error with FusionXL when carriage return is in the name of a structure https://github.com/bis-med-it/fmr/issues/379
FMR11-262 - No transactions returned on SDMX Transactions page when using date slider
FMR11-264 - Publication Table Editor: Dependent Variables, remove variable button does not work
FMR11-265 - FusionXL resolve carriage returns in concept names