Fusion Metadata Registry update

  • December 16, 2022

Version 11.5.0 (Released: 2022/12/16)

New Features:

FMR11-208 - Audit Structure Queries FMR11-209 - Publication Table - Support Numerical Observation formatting https://github.com/MEDIT-Org/fmr/issues/300
FMR11-212 - Support Categorise Publication Table via the UI https://github.com/MEDIT-Org/fmr/issues/312
FMR11-223 - Improve Metrics Report with IncUnmappedReport option https://github.com/MEDIT-Org/fmr/issues/262 https://github.com/MEDIT-Org/fmr/issues/306 https://github.com/MEDIT-Org/fmr/issues/318 https://github.com/MEDIT-Org/fmr/issues/319
FMR11-209 - Publication Tables set scaling factor https://github.com/MEDIT-Org/fmr/issues/325
FMR11-225 - Support for “References-partial” with regular expressions https://github.com/MEDIT-Org/fmr/issues/298


FMR11-213 - In SDMX CSV, SERIES_KEY and OBS_KEY will output with the quote marks around the whole key https://github.com/MEDIT-Org/fmr/issues/313
FMR11-219 - Validation and Transformation should preserve original format unless output format specified https://github.com/MEDIT-Org/fmr/issues/117


FMR11-221 - Update dependencies: hsqldb; jackson-databind; jettison; opencsv; spring; spring-kafka; spring-security
FMR11-222 - Improve Performance of Viewing a Hierarchy https://github.com/MEDIT-Org/fmr/issues/315

Bug Fixes:

FMR11-206 - Support for extended UTF-8 characters in FMR https://github.com/MEDIT-Org/fmr/issues/297
FMR11-207 - Transforming Data with “Delete” action can leave erroneous output in EDI format https://github.com/MEDIT-Org/fmr/issues/186
FMR11-210 - Fix an issue when “edi.datagroup.identifier” specified with value of asterisk
FMR11-211 - Validation on Group ID should ignore case https://github.com/MEDIT-Org/fmr/issues/301
FMR11-214 - When loading via Registry UI, Data file with Duplicate Series results in MV Store Error
FMR11-215 - Viewing a Representation Map has issue with “valid from” on Mappings https://github.com/MEDIT-Org/fmr/issues/310
FMR11-216 - Support dataset attribute consolidation (detection of duplicates) https://github.com/MEDIT-Org/fmr/issues/302
FMR11-217 - Publication Tables: Numerical Observation, “Add Rule” button does not work
FMR11-218 - Observation deletions are no longer written in EDI format https://github.com/MEDIT-Org/fmr/issues/303
FMR11-224 - Failure to report unmapped data when using TIME_PERIOD mapping https://github.com/MEDIT-Org/fmr/issues/305