Fusion Metadata Registry update

  • July 22, 2022

Version 11.2.0 (Released: 2022/07/22)

New Feature:

FMR11-164 - Support Reference Metadata
FMR11-165 - Support Certificate Authentication https://github.com/MEDIT-Org/fmr/issues/234 https://fmrwiki.sdmxcloud.org/Configure_X509_Certificate_Authentication


FMR11-146 - FMR dependency updates https://github.com/MEDIT-Org/fmr/issues/232
FMR11-159 - Add “Raw” option to Download structures and remove “Include internal settings” https://github.com/MEDIT-Org/fmr/issues/227
FMR11-160 - Allow a Concept Representation to be a ValueList https://github.com/MEDIT-Org/fmr/issues/83

Bug Fixes:

FMR11-162 - SERIES_KEY column should be reserved for series keys https://github.com/MEDIT-Org/fmr/issues/128
FMR11-161 - Issue loading Data Constraint with a Component element under Cube Region element https://github.com/MEDIT-Org/fmr/issues/210
FMR11-163 - Attribute variable does not work in table heading https://github.com/MEDIT-Org/fmr/issues/240
FMR11-166 - Duplicate attribute is not detected anymore in FMR https://github.com/MEDIT-Org/fmr/issues/143
FMR11-167 - Publication Table - Array Variables fail to save https://github.com/MEDIT-Org/fmr/issues/239
FMR11-168 - Error encountered whist attempting to deserialize structure https://github.com/MEDIT-Org/fmr/issues/210