Fusion Metadata Registry update

  • July 6, 2022

Version 11.1.7 (Released: 2022/07/06)

New Feature:

FMR11-153 - Add Environment Sync back in from FR10


FMR11-158 - Publication Table: Footnotes work https://github.com/MEDIT-Org/fmr/issues/169

Bug Fixes:

FMR11-152 - Comma not being processed correctly in Web Service query for ItemBeans.
FMR11-154 - Unexpected structure validation error from FMR https://github.com/MEDIT-Org/fmr/issues/144
FMR11-155 - Structure validation errors are not detected anymore in FMR https://github.com/MEDIT-Org/fmr/issues/148
FMR11-156 - v2 structure REST API does not support queries for multiple items using the comma syntax https://github.com/MEDIT-Org/fmr/issues/220
FMR11-157 - Typo in header of Representation Maps page https://github.com/MEDIT-Org/fmr/issues/224