Fusion Metadata Registry (FMR) beginners hands on webinar


Fusion Metadata Registry (FMR) is the free to use SDMX structural metadata registry from the BIS supporting EDI, SDMX 2.0, 2.1 and 3.0. FMR enables official statistics organisations to externalise, centralise and control all SDMX structures including Codelists, Concepts and DSDs with the benefits of maintainability, re-use, standardisation, harmonisation and improved metadata and data governance. FMR provides the foundation for metadata governance and metadata driven systems.

While metadata management is its main purpose, FMR additionally provides some useful SDMX data processing functions including converting between transmission formats and transforming datasets to different structures. It also provides a service for validating SDMX data.

The webinar is for statisticians, data engineers, IT specialists and anyone involved in collecting, reporting or processing SDMX data. More on SDMX at https://sdmx.org .

By attending you will learn about:

  • What is Fusion Metadata Registry
  • Installation using Docker
  • Maintaining the SDMX structures with the web user interface
  • Working with data: validate, convert, map
  • Using the SDMX REST API: a practical validation example using ‘R’


When: November 15 13:30 CET
Duration: 1h 30m


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