Statistics dissemination

Use case
Statistics dissemination

Efficiently reporting and publishing statistics that are discoverable, understandable, and consumable

For statisticians, data collectors, data reporters and data publishers.

Releasing data is a complex and resource intensive process. Data and metadata usually needs to undergo mapping and transformation processes to be compatible with the structures and reporting formats required by external stakeholders. Data portals, thematic data intensive microsites, data visualisations, dashboards, and storytelling with data require data to be repurposed across numerous dissemination channels for a multitude of data products and services all the while maintaining data quality such as consistency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness. This is a highly evolving space and having metadata-driven processes which can be re-engineered at the speed of business is one important element of ensuring relevance.

Statistics Dissemination is supported by metadata-driven processes using open source tools and integrations.