.Stat Suite

.Stat Suite

The .Stat Suite is a standard-based, componentised, open-source platform for the efficient production and dissemination of high-quality statistical data.

The .Stat Suite is structured around three main modules:

  • .Stat Core is a highly performing and secure SDMX Data Store based on standard protocols, to store and retrieve statistical data, structural and referential metadata, data process information and security settings.
  • .Stat Data Lifecycle Manager (DLM) is a set of adaptive back-office modules to efficiently and timely produce and (re-)use high quality statistical data by defining, running, automating, controlling and evaluating the underlying data processes.
  • .Stat Data Explorer (DE) is a front-office application for easy finding, understanding and using of data through an efficient well-tuned navigation and search approach, appropriate data previews and contextual metadata, and download in standard formats, APIs or share features.

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Source code: MIT License

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