SDMX Test Compatibility Kit

SDMX Test Compatibility Kit

The SDMX TCK is a tool for measuring the compliance and coverage of an SDMX RESTful endpoint against the available SDMX REST API versions.

The objective of the SDMX TCK is to query an SDMX RESTful endpoint and provide a report with:

  • The level of compliance, ie if the SDMX RESTful API is respected, by testing:
    • All SDMX specified resources,
    • SDMX standard mime types,
    • The SDMX error codes,
    • Other features specified by the SDMX standard.
  • The coverage: what percentage of resources and features are supported in terms of the specified responses.

The TCK comprises several JavaScript modules (as shown below) that communicate among them using clear APIs, having in mind that they need to be useful as-is to any SDMX related development.

Within the TCK the user will be able to:

  • Specify the endpoint under testing,
  • Select the target SDMX REST API version,
  • Select one or more indices (resource groups) to test,
  • Define the request mode (level of testing detail)
  • Run the tests,
  • Export the report.