Version 11.9.0 (Released: 2023/08/11)

New Feature:
FMR11-301 - Upgrade HCL from 2.1 to v3.0 change HCL and Hierarchy ID concat symbol from ‘_’ to ‘@’
FMR11-302 - Support export of MSD in SDMX-ML v2.1 format
FMR11-303 - Add column for “Latest Version” to all Maintainables Pages

FMR11-306 - Restore Fusion Security as an authentication mechanism
FMR11-309 - Add SDMX-JSON v2 to the UI
FMR11-311 - Restore Fusion Security as an authentication mechanism
FMR11-312 - Support for Category Scheme Map, Organisation Scheme Map and Reporting Taxonomy Map Metadata Structures in SDMX-JSON v2.0
FMR11-313 - Duplicated group IDs for schema queries in SDMX-JSON

Bug Fix:
FMR11-304 - Data Registrations - an authorised Data Provider is unable to delete data registrations
FMR11-307 - Loading External Plugins caused startup issue
FMR11-308 - Annotations with Type “METADATA” are removed from Annotation Editor Wizard
FMR11-310 - “Default” Front Page not operating correctly when using Apache Tomcat