Version 11.8.0 (Released: 2023/07/07)

New Features:
FMR11-282 - Ability to specify appearance of front page of Registry FMR wiki:
FMR11-286 - Support Custom Plugins
FMR11-287 - Add global stucture mapping setting to set output to required
FMR11-294 - Add optional key column in SDMX-CSV

FMR11-290 - “BIS Open Tech” branding replaces “MT”
FMR11-398 - Half-Yearly alternative format now outputs dates with “H” values FMR wiki:

FMR11-277 - Update vulnerable third-party dependencies
FMR11-284 - Update Kryo to version 5.5.0
FMR11-293 - Add URNS to schema query to describe input structures
FMR11-295 - Support Half-Yearly alternative format in the UI FMR wiki:

Bug Fixes:
FMR11-285 - Components with Time based Mappings cannot be edited in the Structure Map Wizard
FMR11-278 - RegEx Capture Groups for Representation Map only support 0-9 (\10 and above does not work)
FMR11-279 - Data Registrations are always saved as type: Web Service
FMR11-281 - If-Modified-Since header not honored in case of DataConstraint deletion
FMR11-289 - Data Registrations does not work for users of role “Data Provider”
FMR11-292 - Role Mappings not displaying correctly when imported from FR10
FMR11-296 - Missing components in the ‘unmapped’ part in case of partial mapping
FMR11-297 - Mapping: option to set a default output observation value for use where the input value is missing.
FMR11-298 - Use of Inc-UnmappedReport=true can fail to create report when Mapping Rule not set to “Output Required”