Version 11.7.0 (Released: 2023/06/02)


Using Docker Desktop

docker run --name fmr -p 8080:8080 metadatatechnology/fmr-mysql:11.7.0

New Features: FMR11-275 - Improve Mapping functionality so that it can perform Validation

Changes: FMR11-276 - Modified rules as to how Mapping is performed
FMR11-272 - Add “Output Required” UI control to Structure Mapping
FMR11-271 - Validator: “Missing Attributes” renamed to “Missing Components” and reports on missing Measures\

Bug Fixes:
FMR11-270 - Update Vulnerable Dependencies for FMR 11.7.0
FMR11-273 - Validating Generic Data can result in IllegalElement error
FMR11-274 - Conversion and mapping services fail to read SDMX CSV 2.0 format files with BOM