Version 11.5.2 (Released: 2023/03/08)


FMR11-248 - Modification of interpration of SDMX-CSV V2 row


FMR11-245 - Improve Performance of large Codelists which have Item Validity
FMR11-246 - Update dependencies: spring, jstl, hibernate, httpcore, jackson, jersey
FMR11-252 - Fusion Excel Export Data API now takes an additional ‘attachment’ parameter

Bug Fixes:

FMR11-240 - EDI should prevent Quadruplet attributes in Footnote Section
FMR11-242 - EDI file missing mandatory Period Information validates successfully
FMR11-243 - Improve validation of EDI DTM segment
FMR11-244 - Temporary “MV” files not being cleared up after data transformation
FMR11-247 - Unable to load Structure File when Mapping refers to DSD with ValueList coded dimension
FMR11-250 - Parsing EDI fails to detect malformed period
FMR11-251 - EDI REL segment must be followed by ARR segment