Version 11.5.1 (Released: 2023/01/30)

New Features:

FMR11-226 - Publication Table - support a scaling function applied to numerical observations \


FMR11-232 - Annotations are ignored when importing 2.1 XML Hierarchical Codelists
FMR11-238 - Use the standard “core” fastUtil library


FMR11-236 - Ensure Implicit Mappings in Structure Maps validate codelists for valid intersection
FMR11-237 - Provide option to skip Validation phase in Transform Web Service

Bug Fixes:

FMR11-227 - Publication Table - Scientific Notation shows NaN in UI and is not applied to observation values
FMR11-228 - Unable to import Codelists with multiple levels of inheritence in same submission as structures that use inherited codes
FMR11-229 - Bulk actions - detail=raw is ignored
FMR11-230 - REST query: detail=raw is not applied to referenced codelists
FMR11-231 - IncValid output may contain empty series when it should not be generated
FMR11-233 - Parent codes should be included in reference partial
FMR11-234 - Fix ’too much recursion’ error with reverse engineer data structure with large number of Dimensions
FMR11-235 - Validate submission of Structure Map’s Implicit mappings to ensure Coded mappings have a valid intersection from source to target
FMR11-239 - Codelists with Annotations not being correctly parsed in SDMX-JSON
FMR11-241 - Duplicate elements in SDMX CSV result in unexpected output