Version 11.10.0 (Released: 2023/09/01)

Docker: not available, use FMR 11.10.1 instead

New Feature:
MEDIT-451: Add new format option to Kafka producer

MEDIT-442: Publish updates to metadata reports to a Kafka topic
MEDIT-505: SDMX-JSON 2.0.0: Align role with case used in field guide
MEDIT-516: Update Vulnerable Third-Party Dependencies
MEDIT-498: Add meta header to Fusion-JSON to support references to artifacts in a schema structure query
MEDIT-492: Improve Performance of V2 API

Bug Fix:
MEDIT-497: Missing data constraints in fusion-json
MEDIT-502: Corrected Test Mapping Report issue with special characters in an uncoded Dimension
MEDIT-517: Schema query returns 500