Establishing a single source of truth for structural models in the form of a metadata registry (Fusion Metadata Registry (FMR)) is a significant step along the maturity curve for a statistical system. It supports good governance while also facilitating innovation, agile processes, and metadata driven systems.

This module combined with the two previous modules have introduced:

  • Statistical structural modelling
  • SDMX structural models
  • Creation and maintenance of SDMX structural models in FMR

The groundwork has been laid to support the exploration of use cases on topics such as:

  • Data collection
  • Data production
  • Data reporting
  • Data dissemination processes

As a final takeaway, watch this FMR introductory video to understand some of the additional capabilities of FMR.

Several learning resources have already been produced on these topics in the form of eLearning courses, articles, and webinars all of which are available on Additional learning resources are regularly being added.


The following references provide more details on some of the topics covered in this module:

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