Project LinkageX


Project LinkageX is a collection of Python libraries and tools, that are built on top of SDMX to allow utilizing the SDMX features, without having to deal with the technicalities and complexity of the standard. These libraries are based on existing developed SDMX code or APIs to provide a pythonic view of SDMX data and metadata leveraging the richness of SDMX. Thus, they can be integrated with existing SDMX tools, like the FMR or other SDMX API compatible services.


pysdmx: a pragmatic and opinionated library written in Python. It focuses on simplicity, providing a subset of SDMX functionalities without requiring advanced knowledge of SDMX.

pysdmx is published on PyPI and can be installed using your preferred method (pip, pipx, poetry, etc.). For the core functionality, use:

pip install pysdmx

Some use cases require additional dependencies, which can be installed using extras. For example, to retrieve metadata from an SDMX Registry, install the fmr extra:

pip install pysdmx[fmr]

gingado a machine learning library focused on economics and finance use cases. This package aims to be suitable for beginners and advanced users alike. Use cases may range from programmatic data retrievals using SDMX to experimentation with machine learning-based econometric estimators to more complex forecasting pipelines used in production.

To install gingado, simply run the following code on the terminal:

pip install gingado 

License: Apache-2.0