.Stat Suite Docker


Using Docker technology, the three .Stat Suite main modules (Data Explorer, Data Lifecycle Manager and .Stat Core) or their components are containerised as ready-to-use Docker images, which can be freely re-used to easily compose a new topology (system architecture) by anyone in their own cloud or premises.

Docker images

All .Stat Suite Docker images are located under https://hub.docker.com/u/siscc . To see each Docker image description, go to https://sis-cc.gitlab.io/dotstatsuite-documentation/install-docker/as-container/ .

Installation guidelines using Docker Compose

Go to https://sis-cc.gitlab.io/dotstatsuite-documentation/install-docker/docker-compose/

Quick installation (not Production-ready)

Go to https://gitlab.com/sis-cc/.stat-suite/dotstatsuite-docker-compose for a .Stat Suite docker-compose sample files to ease deployments for developments, tests, pilots and demos using docker containers.

Note that these installation files can also be used as a starting point to setup production environments, however for such environment you still need to complement with scaling, archiving, security configurations, etc.