Fusion Metadata Registry update

  • September 9, 2022

Version 11.2.1 (Released: 2022/09/09)

New Features:

FMR11-174 - Publication Tables: Formatting of Missing Values support ObsValue=NaN https://github.com/MEDIT-Org/fmr/issues/253
FMR11-175 - Support Reading of Reference Metadata (with restrictions) in version 2.1 SDMX https://github.com/MEDIT-Org/fmr/issues/250 \

Bug Fixes: FMR11-169 - SDMX CSV v1 Data Reader does not allow header fields (row 1) to be double quoted
FMR11-170 - Bulk Export - spelling mistake on Raw help text
FMR11-171 - Order of revisions not as expected
FMR11-176 - OBS_PRE_BREAK validation corrected https://github.com/MEDIT-Org/fmr/issues/65
FMR11-178 - Quadruplet in EDI vs the other formats in the context of data consolidation or integration https://github.com/MEDIT-Org/fmr/issues/118
FMR11-179 - SDMX DSD output may include invalid attribute “isMultiLingual” https://github.com/MEDIT-Org/fmr/issues/255 \