September 26, 2022



Fusion Transformer

Fusion Transformer is a Java command line application that can be run on both Windows and Unix for transforming SDMX data and structure files supporting EDI, XML, JSON and CSV.

Version Release date Download
2.5.0 15 July 2022 https://sdmxio.s3.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/fusiontransformer/FusionTransformer-2.5.zip

System requirements

  • Windows, Linux or Apple Mac
  • Minimum 4GB memory - additional memory could be required if processing large datasets or storing large volumes of metadata
  • Minimum 2 core CPU


Fusion Transformer is a Java command line application:

Source code

Contact us at contact.sdmx.io@bis.org for access to the source code


FMR changelog: https://wiki.sdmxcloud.org/Change_Log_Fusion_Transformer