• Date :August 16, 2022
  • Reading Time :2 Minute
sdmx.io is about solutions for practical official statistics use cases
sdmx.io is not a single project but an ecosystem of open source tools, patterns, guidance, learning materials and other resources like pre-configured containerised environments that make the software quick and simple to deploy.
For data domain modellers and metadata managers

Software tools to help with the task of designing, optimising and maintaining statistical data domain models

Community-maintained reference library of SDMX structural metadata artefacts

For statisticans, data collectors, data reporters and data publishers

Flexible data processing tools and integrations for data validation, data transformation (mapping) and converting data between transmission formats

For IT departments and technical specialists

Patterns and resources to guide and simplify the deployment, support and maintenance of software tools from the sdmx.io ecosystem


A collection of open source SDMX software tools cooperating to solve official statistics use cases.

The SDMX and official statistics community produces a lot of great open source software tools. sdmx.io brings these together to help solve concrete problems, with practical guidance and worked solutions to download and deploy.


FMR Sandbox https://fmr.sdmxcloud.org/FusionRegistry

A library of SDMX structures that can be taken and used as they are, used as the basis for developing your own models, or simply as reference examples.

A huge benefit of SDMX is the ease with which structural metadata can be shared enabling reuse, harmonisation and sharing of best practices.

registry.sdmx.io makes this a reality with a public Fusion Metadata Registry providing a central repository for the sdmx.io community's collective structural metadata resources.

Containerised environments

It's sometimes hard to install and configure a working solution using open source tools, especially when they need other software components such as database services, runtime engines and web servers. Java web applications for instance will need a Java virtual machine and a web application server as a minimum. And there's similar stories for .Net and JavaScript tools.

sdmx.io solves this by providing pre-configured containerised environments with everything needed for a complete working solution in one package.

The only thing needed is Docker Desktop which is free for non-commercial use. Using Docker Compose, complete environments consisting of multiple integrated components are started with a single command.

Expert articles and guidance

Articles and guidances from contributing statistical and tools experts provides an invaluable repository of knowledge.

Learning resources

sdmx.io's library of learning resources covers a diverse range of topics including how to use software tools, SDMX theory and data modelling best practice.

The schedule of live webinars gives data officers, statisticans and anyone from the global official statistics community the opportunity to participate in discussions on key topics. Missed a webinar? Recordings and the supporting slide decks are held in the learning library.

And for self-paced learning, the sdmx.io e-learning modules are available at any time.